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The Port of West Virginia

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We have the space to meet your needs for warehousing, tank storage, rail car storage, and laydown at The Port of West Virginia.


Our team will work with you to move your cargo, no matter how big or small. We are always expanding our service offerings, contact us to see how we can help you!

Rail Service

With more than 20,000 feet of existing rail, Empire River Rail will become a critical transportation link to and from the tri-state area.

Empire Diversified Energy Included in ARCH2’s DOE Funding for Hydrogen Projects

Aerial View of The Port of West Virginia trimodal facility on the Ohio River with river barges cargo

A New Gateway To The Midwest And Beyond

The Port of West Virginia offers a variety of logistical solutions that are centered around the site’s trimodal access and storage capabilities. Whether by road, river, or rail, goods can be moved throughout the Midwestern U.S., all via one convenient access point on the Ohio River. Additionally, The Port of West Virginia aims to become the first green river port on the Ohio River. This will give businesses a chance to drastically reduce the environmental impact of their supply chain and join the movement toward a sustainable future. On the Port site, there will be several amenities that will help customers reach their ESG goals. Among these amenities are behind-the-grid utilities like clean electricity from plastic pyrolysis and renewable natural gas and hydrogen fuels for transportation vehicles and equipment. 

The Port of West Virginia aims to be the premier inland commercial port in the Mid-Atlantic region. We facilitate domestic cargo shipments and are currently working to facilitate international imports and exports through the Ohio River network and its tributaries by road, river, and rail.

The Port of West Virginia handles and stores a variety of cargo coming from the Ohio River, including bulk, breakbulk, and aggregate materials. We are committed to meeting the growing inland terminal needs of the Midwestern United States and are dedicated to providing added value and capability to our partners, clients, and community.

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Empower your business with better logistics

Our feature services 

Port of West Virginia covered warehouse space


space for a wide variety of commodities stored onsite
Fleet of Trucks at the Port of West Virginia

Road Transport

Truck loading and unloading facility.

Barge Freight

connections to Mississippi and Ohio river system
Lumber loaded on multi. railcars

Rail Freight

Rail service from Norfolk Southern and Empire River Rail


We transport energy products regionally and worldwide to meet your needs.


From excavate, crushing, transport, process, and load materials.
Workers loading Super Sacks onto flatbed truck


All of your cargo needs will be moved efficiently and seamlessly.
Heavy Lift Crane at The Port of West Viginia


Cranes, stackers, conveyors, loaders, and transfer equipment.

The Port of West Virginia Aggregate Pricing Page

working together to create Marine Highway connection

Working to create an alliance of sister terminals throughout the US with a goal of reducing traffic on major corridors of high-traffic metro areas by shifting freight from roads and highways to marine and railroad.

Maritime Highway Alliance

  • The Port of West Virginia in Follansbee, WV
  • Brookhaven Rail Terminal in Long Island, NY
  • NOLA Terminal in Plaquemines Parish, Louisiana
  • Jefferson Energy Terminal in Beaumont, TX
  • Fraser Terminal in Superior, WI


The Alliance aims to collaborate and create a maritime highway that connects Gulf ports through the Mississippi River to the Great Lakes, Midwest, and Northeast. Its mission is to reduce the number of trucks on roads and highways and decrease greenhouse gas emissions by shifting freight to marine and railroad transportation.

Empire River Rail

Providing Common Carrier rail service to the Port of WV and its clients. With more than 20,000 feet of existing rail and more to come, Empire River Rail will become a critical transportation link to and from the tri-state area.

Empire River Rail Logo

Building & Produce renewable energy

Empire Green Generation is a behind-the-grid utilities company that utilizes waste-to-energy and recycling systems to provide electricity, waste management, and water treatment services to Empire’s Riverfront Industrial Complex. Green-Gen provides electricity from waste plastic-derived syngas and green hydrogen from recycling food waste.

Portion of U.S. Power from Renewables
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Waste-To-Energy plants in the U.S.
Of Municipal Solid Waste Generated each year in the U.S.
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Why Choose Us

The Port of West Virginia is teaming up with other seaside and river terminals along the Mississippi River, Creating a Midwest distribution facility for container and break-bulk container traffic for a Midwest distribution facility at the Port of West Virginia. The port is currently building new warehouses and storage facilities to expand its operations.

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We maintain safety procedures and protocols for our employees, visitors, and business partners.


We thrive on adapting to different business ventures, products, and smart technology, allowing us to evolve through progressive times.


We create innovate solutions while preserving the environment in the communities we work in.


We build and strengthen relationships to share ideas, leverage capabilities, and maximize our resources.

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